Biggest Mountains in Canada

Biggest Mountains in Canada

Canada is a country full of beautiful mountain views studded with lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, canyons and limestone caves. The majestic and high reaching mountain ranges constitute a striking mountain landscape. Located in amazing settings with forests and lakes, mountains in Canada are dramatic and serene.continue reading!

The deep snow covered mountains, usually norm in Canada throughout the winter, offer a long seasonal experience of superb skiing. There are many popular resorts developed around the locations with glaciated terrain and ski trails around the tress and high alpine. The many mountains slopes and valleys have micro-climates that allow for good skiing in almost any weather.

Mount Logan

Mount Logan is the highest mountain in Canada located in the Yukon Territory. It has an elevation of 5,959 meters. It comes within the range of Saint Elias range. It has the largest circumference on any mountain in the world and has 11 peaks over 5,000 meters. It is a massive mountain and visitors are awed by its size which is greater than the mountains in the Himalayas. Even when you are viewing it from a distance, it fills up the skyline. In addition, the ice sheet around the mountain is also the largest on the planet without being connected to an ice cap. The temperature in the winters can go as low as -77.5 oC which is the coldest temperature outside Antarctica.

Mount Saint Elias

Mount Saint Elias is also located in the Yukon Territory and within the Saint Elias Mountain range. It is bisected by the Alaska – Yukon border so both countries share this gigantic but beautiful mountain. It has a pyramid shaped peak and an extraordinary vertical relief just 16 kilometers from the sea water of Ice Bay in Alaska. Saint Elias Mountain Range is the highest coastal range in the world. Saint Elias is approximately 40 km from Mount Logan. The height of the mountain is 5,489 meters.

Mount Wood

Mount Wood is located in the Yukon Territory as well with an elevation of 4,850 meters. It also comes within the range of Saint Elias Mountains. Mount Wood is a heavily glaciated mountain at the head of Hodgson and Hazard Glaciers in Kluane National Park. It is located in the same ice field as Mount Logan, Mount Lucania and others and can be seen from the Alaska more at–ten.html

Mount Waddington

Mount Waddington with an elevation of 4,019 meters is located in the Waddington Range, British Columbia. It is categorized under Pacific Ranges, Coast Mountains. Waddington can be seen above the other peaks in the distance and appear like a thick white angular jaw jutting skyward with two incisors expanded from the tip from the east.

Biggest Mountains in Canada

The other view from the northwest peak is a spire of snow covered rock stabbing at the sky rising a thousand meters high above the ice-field underneath. Mount Waddington is an exceptional peak – the highest in the British Columbia and the only mountain exceeding 4,000 meters outside the Saint Elias Mountains.

These are few among the many big and huge mountains found in the Canada. Most of these serve as a great ski resorts for thousands of visitors during the winter with many activities suited for summers as well.

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